'They' Who?

They are some of many billions

Some do walk-ins, some do sit-ins


One eats plenty, enough for four

One is but a raw, empty core


They’re doing grand, look, they’re on fire!

They’ve created a new empire!


They’ve done a lot but… no one cares

They know they’ll never be billionaires.


Some believe in love or Jesus,

Stars, Vishnu, Allahu, Trees, Fish

Some don’t at all believe, oh, what a pet peeve!

To believe is to later grieve; who could be so naive?


Some have two parents and houses on lakes,

Some live with strangers, surrounded by snakes


Some are drunk, Some are sober,

Some won’t have children when they’re older

Some know their children would be strong

Some know their kids wouldn’t get along


Some are thriving, Some are free

But far away 12 kids sit at her knee

‘We want to eat, we want to live’

“You can’t live, son, and i can’t give’

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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