They Want to Film My Pains


Now they want to make a film

about me and the pains of yesterdays,

But if only they could feel

what it is I feel

they would all be so I'll,


My emptiness has left a Life time marks

all over my heart

Oh, the cuts are very deep

I feel most of the time I couldn't breath

but now they want to film me

make stories about my pains

my life of a beaten down past

can they see my fears?


my tears of blood rolling down my face?

My heart bleeds the pains of Yesterdays

that keeps eating away at my soul

I had to take a deep breath

and I gave them my best of what it is I hold

deep down in my mind,


that keeps me locked in that time

when they ask me

if they could film me and all my pains

I just moved my head

then I said yes

That is when I see the eyes of all times,


Dark Angel looking deeper into mine

I crawled into my cold empty bed

praying one day this will all end

I pulled the cold sheets over my heard

like I was already dead.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1980





Wow, very beautiful. I can visualize this. Great job!

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