They Took The Bait


United States

Snot in my nose, im feeling young

but still carry the love for the downtown flow and the downtown cold,

the city has a charm 

early morning hustle 

well alarmed and prepared to cause trouble, it was nothing

my friend and I are up to something

we are always up

pedestrians just prey to us 

one man camera crew put on a face and proceed to act foolish

acutally, been a fool, but actively acting stupid

I should of stayed on the stoop, i should of stayed on the stoop,

invisible string, tape, dollar bill, 

oops i forgot to feel

admit its pretty funny when a dog tries to chase his tail

classic prank for a internet craze

its harmless

plus we could get famous

red dot tap it

watching someone try to catch it

pull it

tried to catch

pull it

he mad

we got em

tell him its a prank and to be nice gave a dollar

he told us he was homeless and begged for more

as he said it another man said he needed it more

the cold day was getting hotter

its looking like a problem

their voices getting louder

 a scuffle starts to break

I told the man to wait

four quarters in change

I gave but still gained

the men went seperate ways, as i thought about my ways

its all fun and games

but for someone else it could be everything

that day i changed my ways, that day i changed my ways

i was thankful that situation did not escalate 

walked away with no blood on my hands and to this day

giving thanks,

reality put a check into the box that was blank







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