They Said to Write a Poem


They said to write a poem,

nothing specific in any way,

My first thought was to write about my day.  

Her only request was to make it meaningful.

What does that mean?  

I want to ask a question, but won't cause a scene.  

I walk out the door, eyes on the floor, meaningful?  


Like how one drops a day from the list of possibilities.  

Or how we ignore physical and mental disabilities.  

Maybe everyday there's another tragedy,

full of casualties.  

It's such a sad thing to see;  

When kids get sick at the thought of school

and all they want is to be cool,

they try and try only to fail just because of the number on the scale.  

The way they claw at their wrists just to get free,

why can't anybody see?


How they slice at their skin just to get by,

looking for another chance to get high.  

When we hear our friend has died and no longer ask how or why.  

We want a change, but it all stays the same.  

We do our best,

to try and get rest,

even though we know our tired can't be fixed by sleep-

it rests so deep-

Deeper than muscle or bone,

this tired finds rest in our soul.  

Make it meaningful.  


When children cry because others are cruel,

and we live each day like it's a duel.  

Word vomit escapes

and we try to replace kindness with hostility.  

The world's got us fooled.  

See society rejects us when we don't follow wrath, envy, or lust.  

We're the greatest nation,

but two people couldn't drink from the same water station.  

It's just our nature

to follow this stature,

because once we indulge,

we hold that grudge.  

Don't you see?  Refugees? or Deportees?

Struggling youth with no couth.  

Pride is denied but you know we've all tried, a gram or two,

and drank quite a few.  

We're on a train headed further into hell,

now is our chance to ring that bell.  

Give the next generation the right to choose,

whether we win or lose.

Let us decide to run and hide or fight and free our chance to believe.

You know what's meaningful to me? The freedom to be who I wanna be.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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