They Pay You for This?

Teachers don’t get paid enough

This is true.

But define the word, teacher.

Use it in a sentence.

Spell it.


When you’ve taught a child to do all those things efficiently with confidence,

It is true, that you ARE a teacher

And they could not pay you enough, in money or gratitude for your dedication.


Yet, we learn at a young age, that punishment has a tendency to be a group activity,

often caused by one’s peers and not one’s own self

Therefore, I am sorry that you too are being held back by your fellow “teachers”


To each and every man and woman that refuses to function as a minimal educator for your above minimum wage pay check, this is for you.

The teenage mothers working at the fast food joints in those inner city neighborhoods, are more worthy of their paychecks than you are.

The prostitute, selling herself on the corner, worked harder for her sleazy wages than you did.


Each time you give a child a condescending glare for asking a question that you don’t have the answer to

Each time you ignore a child’s raised hand, hoping that they will give up on asking you,

so that you do not have to answer

Each time you sit on your ass with your computer screen flashing your facebook timeline,

while your students teach themselves the next lesson

Each time, there is a teacher, most likely just down the hall

working ten times harder than you for the same damn wages

And I suggest that you get up

Walk your undeserving self, down that hall

And thank that brilliant educator, for earning your wages

Because it’s true.

Teachers do not get paid enough

Yet, they still pay you.



that was amazing! 


Thank you! That's so sweet of you!

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