before they made the moon

gay before they made it

calm before it quaked

so there i like to save em

call me luv, call me anything.,


today, on this super full moon

i am fire.,


i claim boldly my request desire:

I am ready for the best damn time of my life. I am moving to Asheville, California.

i am a cricket traveling with their instrument in a bag on their back, 

like a guitar or something.,


i am a cricket traveling along the coast,

along the banks and the shores of the great ocean,

i am a cricket.


I am a cricket, lost and found in the clay of the earth,

I am an old-wise-one, seeing more of a particular purpose 

through the eyez of a cricket.


I always have what I need. ? My List is Visual, NonVerbal, and Particular.


It goes on and on for pages, absorbed in itself, thirsty for another

to fill the voids...


There's so much more joy than I ever thought possible,'

maybe i imagined it, tho....


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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