They had a dream and now I do too

He said he had a dream

She said she wasn't going to move

He said I'm for truth no matter who tells it

They had a vision years beyond their time

One that wouldn't submit people of color to a life of hardship

One where racism would not shake the world to the point of it being stunned

One where people can walk out the house without fear of being assulted with words of hate that hits so hard it shakes your soul

He said he had a dream

She said she wasn't getting up

He said truth is on the side of  the oppresed 

I said that now I have a dream

A dream where my friends wouldn't get stopped for having excessive possesion of melanin

I have a dream 

A dream where my god son won't grow up thinking he's gonna land in prison but rather in college

I have a dream but I guess I have to wait 50 years for my dream to come true



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