They Don't Know

They don't know behind those eyes.

Behind those eyes she bleeds for truth.

They don't know the year behind her of bully's words stay seared into her chest with an iron rod refusing to budge.

They don't know she felt a though a monster of herself,

cowering in the shados of the flawless modles before her.

The words of one such blond beauty echoed, "How could anyone love someone so unspoiled by beauty?"

But they don't know it's not just the words, but the actions.

Actions like the one she loved carved her heart out with a diamond ring he gave to another.

Or a best friend admitting the friendship was based on a bet of pity.

They don't know she took on the challange,

she would show them all she was more than just a fat face, and become fierce.

They don't know a year of changes to please others only deeped her solitude feelings.

Behind those eyes she bleeds for truth.

What is the truth?

Starring in the mirror she didn't see her own reflection,

rather a starved girl aching for love, aching for the truth of who to be.

She realized in that moment never again must she live in pain and self pity.

Instead she will blast the world with her orginiality and honest heart.

The words once said to her as daggers now rage in her like fire,

fueling her onto the great endeavors of which they had never known.

Oh, but how could they?


This poem is about: 
Our world



Yes this really happend to me. Yes it made me a stronger person to realize I can be my own person beacsue people will pick on you no matter what you do.

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