They Cannot


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2 cannot fuse together unless they agree,
A Jar full of grace mixed with iniquity,
Like oil and water, those two can never be stirred,
One is a dream, the other makes it deferred,

2 cannot think together unless they agree,
Same problem, though seeing it differently,
One idly thinks, the other uses his mind,
One waiteth and thinketh, the other denies time,

2 cannot walk together unless they agree,
One studieth the path, the other cannot see,
Walk and stumbleth, stumbleth then walk,
One asks for directions, the other cannot talk,

2 cannot grow together unless they agree,
One withers and the other rooted perfectly,
Desiring growth, with diverse times of change,
Both roses, one growth thorns, the other fangs,

2 cannot sail together unless they agree,
One foretells the storms; the other says “it’s windy”,
One can cry proud tears, honoring the sailors’ creed,
One boasteth in might, and pursues strength by his greed,

2 cannot hunt together unless they agree,
One creepeth, as snakes, the other, quite viciously,
One holdeth his gun to his eye, being ready,
Another speaks his killings with no victory,

2 cannot kiss together unless they agree,
One can keep its lips loose, the other quite firmly,
One uses tongue to signify changes in the mood,
Another thinks switching themes with tongue is quite rude,

2 cannot do an action unless they agree,
Christians & Atheists, can’t be wed with a kiss,


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