They and She


They would accept my issues and be there when I cried


We were fireworks combining to make beautiful colors across the dark sky but smoke followed choking us both. The light dimmed and died

They. Wouldn’t hold my band but were always quick to grab for someone else's.

They. Who treated me like a fish in a pet store with a wide-eyed child wishing to take it home only to forget me after two days because I’m yesterday’s news.

I was the most interesting when I wasn’t theirs.

They. Who I exposed everything to: my hopes, my dreams, my wounds.

They. Who I gave everything to only to have my worst suspicion that I’m not good enough.

That I will never be good enough

Because there’s a new pet in the window and I am yesterday’s news.

I wonder if I was ever anything to


But then...there’s Her.

She. With the green eyes and sunflowers around Her pupils that look as if their sole purpose was to gaze at me fondly.

She. With her smile that is rarely absent.

She. with her open arms and wider heart.

She with her hair like waves in the ocean.

She. with her delicate freckles like stars in a dark rural sky night.

She. With her smooth skin I can feel to know she’s not just from my imagination.

She. Who gladly takes my hand and grasps it as to say, ‘I will never let go’.

She. Who had only eyes for me and listens intently.

She. Who reads my poetry and doesn’t laugh at me.

She. Says ‘I love you’ as an exclamation not a force of habit.


They will always be a part of me.

They broke me.

But she-

She sees the goodness in me and begins to mend things.


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