Fri, 01/24/2014 - 15:44 -- mteleki

All of them!

Each and every one!

I'm done!


They think they can walk around.

Smug, gotchya-whatchya-gonna-do-now smiles,

irradicated, you-know-their-mothers-taught-them-that haught,

Lack of compassion,

Lack of connection,



They can affoard to act that way.

There's enough of them, 

they all get along,

But the others,

But the outsiders,



They don't see what the problem is.

They aren't educated.

Not how they should be.


They need... Something.

They and their mothers.

Something to make them see,

How their blindness

changes the lives 

of everyone around them.


This isn't good,

this isn't good,

this isn't good.


God help our high-school souls.



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