These Words

Music was my soul.

Music showed me how

to “carry on,

let the good times roll.”

It helped me

“let my path unfold.”

It “lit a fire inside these eyes;”

“All I am I have found in song.”


Theatre taught me

what no one else could.

Theatre showed me

A Whole New World

and how to have

Will Power.

It allowed me to begin

Crossing the Line

in entirely new ways.

It told me to never throw away

My Shot.

Theatre let me

“be where my spirit can run free.”


My life changed each and every time

I read those words.

Those words were Always

my Saviors.

They saved me from myself

and from life.

Those words provided

“A magic beyond all we do here."

Those words were

the Guardian I was awaiting.

I will need those words

“until the very end,”

“the end of the line.”

“We always have a choice;"

these words are mine.


Words have always been my


I became Anxious

about myself

and everyone around me.

I was panicked.

I turned to poetry.

My Pain became Beauty;

my Fear became Aesthetic;

my Worry became Catharsis.

My racing thoughts became flowing lines:

some short and choppy,

others eloquently long and beautiful to read.


Certain words filled me

with an unbridled Rage.

Political words induced

an unchecked temper

in the depths of my soul.

I surrounded myself with

These Words.

I lived and breathed

These Words.

I was passionate

and I was grand.

I Marched like

my life depended on it.

I spoke like my words were

the most important words anyone would ever hear.

I was politically

Engaged and Enraged.


My personality showed

in my humor.

The Things I laughed at,

the Things I thought were funny,

those Things were Me.

As they changed,

so did I.

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