These Great Challenges

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 02:45 -- jmtrn96
I am a generation of broken families
   With all the struggles laid in my path,
Swaying from great to disastrous, these challenges
   Which are defined by facilities,
     that doesn't add up to the math,
   Of these balances.

All of the problems that built up,
    And new ones that keep occurring,
Embraced by the arms of strength
    That holds each individually in a cup,
      These difficulties that many can reach at arms length,
Various people end up bearing.

To see the day after the night,
    Our view can change within a second,
Seeing with no direction,
    We may get lost within our fright,
       Our lives filled with no affection,
The eyes, they seem to be threatened.

Questions left unanswered,
    After seeing all the corrupt,
Spinning in circles like a lost dog,
    But we have to take what we can afford,
      Blow away the fog,
Choose not to erupt.

So here I sit impatient and waiting,
    Wanting to change all that is wrong,
But having no clue as to what to do,
     My head and my heart start aching.
       As my mind starts into
The realization of how to be strong.

Answering on my own,
    Challenging the impossible
By believing in myself,
     Not falling into the danger zone,
       Taking all my thoughts off the shelf
Making myself in control and responsible.

Caring about what I think
   Not what others see in me,
Trust only those who accept everything,
   Taking all things in with one blink,
      And unfocused on the judging,
Throwing everything else into the sea.

Accepting the past and moving on,
    Love myself and my life for what it is,
Do what I think is right in my perspective,
    Moving through life without a yawn,
      Knowing everything I do is effective
So I know that everything will go by in a whiz.


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