These Flaws Make Me Flawless


I am flawless with my flaws, with my faults, with my past and future.

After all, these flaws make me myself.

And what are flaws other than ourselves, present as we are?

We're not perfect, we never said we are.

These flaws make me flawless.


I've been through hell and back.

Not your personal one, but mine.

But going through all this hell must be part of my design.

The world can't expect me to fit a mold,

Carved out by generations of others who tried to fit,

To conform, to accept.

These flaws make me flawless


We all have our flaws, our faults, our scratches and scars.

But thats what makes us into who and what we are.

I've worked to get here, these flaws gathered and clustered over years,

But these flaws make me flawless.


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