These are the Things that See Me Through


1650 E 86th place
1650 E. 86th Place
United States
41° 44' 17.2176" N, 87° 34' 59.5236" W

This world is rough

This world is dear

This world is beautiful

But it reeks of fear

What does it take to get me movin'

When everything is harsh and gray

What does it take to see me through

When the reasons wither to stay

A small push by loved ones to know they care

Or a big shove to get me there

My friends' faces eager and bright

Their easy grins as their teeth glint in the Sun's light

These are the things that see me through

My mother's smile warm and wise

The affectionate glint in my sister's eyes

These are the things that see me through

A young kitten who lived in a dump now curled at my side

As I coo at my nephew whose eyes are wide

The love and dependency

The trust and empathy

The world may be dark and it may be cold

But as I look at these things I know it'll be okay 

The world's cold grip on me will never hold no matter how long I stay




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