misplaced moonfaced

interface the human race

cooperative inoperative

forgive a time-to-live

revive survive

high-five the test drive

bandmaster broadcaster

alabaster ringmaster

recorded imported

distorted unrewarded

come across the coup-de-grace

double-cross your memory loss

refraining while attaining

on-the-job sensitivity training

switcheroo rendezous

over do the catch-22

bookmark Noah's ark

Central Park earmark

moonlighting ghostwriting

spotlighting bullfighting

thoroughbred full-speed-ahead

infrared meth-head

genitialia paraphernalia

hail ya, jail ya, unveil ya

divine Einstein

borderline victory sign

mindbender transender

money-lender sex-offender

sublime pantomime

stop-on-a-dime in the nick-of-time

fire drills battle of wills

over-kills cheap thrills

zero hour world power

cornflower bewitching hour

God sends good friends

to defend and make amends

so "Let it Be" and "Amen"


~Yvonne Renee Moore


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