Thermodynamic Equilibrium

What a frightful time to be alive

An axiomatic concept has finally become a reality

Driving the caravan to Galveston on i-45

Me mum rings me and I make a face grotesquely


It’s February, and the chilling winds of Wisconsin are no more.

Planet earth has come to an end and the autopsy declares “heat death”

Nothing is able to happen, life has become a bore

I am losing my sanity! There is no joy in life, not even when I am with my Marybeth


Internally my system lives in its own state permeating impermeable walls of energy

Affected by intensive temperatures which I can never leave unless by spontaneous deportation of my soul

Time consumes me, I have succumbed to lethargy

I am losing my sanity! No hablo español


History may forget me, or the ripples I’ve left in time may get redirected

But the universe will never be able to forget the entropy I’ve contributed

My principles and sayings may be contradicted

But no man will ever be able to deny that my words have ignited electrocution


Are the stationary, dormant, and apathetic ones actually the considerate?

Sloth may be a vice, but to the universe it's a fountain of youth

Therefore, should the sin of laziness be celebrated?

Chilling out or taking it easy was never in my vocabulary and that's the honest truth


Woe is me though this conclusion was bound to occur

What a frightful time to be alive, now that life has just become a blur


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Our world


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