There Is a World Out There


There is a world of prejudice out there

One filled with more hate than I could write

It progresses on

Even as its inhabitants don't

There is a world of hypocracy out there

Which judges those not only for the flaws they can help

But also for those they cannot

As I grew up in this world

I watched the hope of many fall

There is a world out there that destroys some of us

But I think things could be different if we layed down our arms

If we stopped calling our fellow sisters sluts

And our fellow men evil

I think that things could be better

If we stopped blaming people's flaws on their skin color,

On their sexuality,

On their past

I think the mistakes could be healed,

Though not forgotten,

If we thought more about the one next to us

Versus our own misgivings

There is a world out there that has the ability to change

If only we let it.


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