There Were Nine

Tue, 06/20/2017 - 13:52 -- Urenna

There were nine of us

At the bottom of the tree


We were separated by four visible roots

Three on the first

Two on the second

One on the third

Three on the fourth


We had all been on one side


The three on the first went back

To the other side

The one on the second went

To another side

Leaving five to stay together


There were nine of us

At the bottom of the tree

We thought we would all stay forever


The sun was shining

Especially bright where

On the five that stayed

Playing and laughing

Enjoying and celebrating

Then came the storm


Sunny all day

So we all thought

The storm came

The lightning struck


Part of the three on the other side

Could sense the horror

Hear screams

And almost

See the lightning strike


The nine were no longer nine

The two on the second became one

The three on the fourth become one

And the three that had left…

Went to join our old roots



The nine

Were now six

At the bottom

And three under

The tree

When would we

Become five




Who was next

The six

The roots

The whole tree

Is the lightning still


To send us all down

One by one

Root by root

Or will it be so big

As to strike

And end

The whole tree



The days went by

And my great fear

Of the powerful lightning

Gradually lessened

Along with clouds of the storm

The sun shone again


Another had arrived at the fourth root

Making us now seven

At the bottom of the tree


The sun shines everyday on the tree now

And I

On the other side

Now know the lightning

Might strike at any time

And send me down

With my old roots

So I enjoy the sun

I play in the rain

I move with the wind

And explore all parts

Of the tree


There are seven

At the bottom of the tree

But the shadows

The memory

Of the other three

Remain forever

With the six left

From the nine of us

At the bottom of the tree

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