There is no top, without

There is no top, without a bottom. 

There is no winner without a loser. 

There is no finish line, until I start...

Build a wall so high, that I cannot see what lies ahead  

All the dynamite in the world, can't destroy these roadblocks I've constructed, 

in my head.

Will this be enough? Can I be him, can I be her? 

Can we be, the best, we ever were?

See in my mind, why bother try? 

I'll never be as good as those, that came, before.  

Maybe, but why bother try?

Is being the best, the only reason I fly?


No, it's not. And never was.

See I know I fly because....


It brings me laughter, And brings me joy.

My body chill with unrequited bliss

if there's one thing I know, it must be this...

maybe I'll never be one of the best,


That's okay, why should I try, 

Look at me, I've learned to fly.





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