[there is no such thing as]

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 08:49 -- sarboth


there is no such thing as

(everything is dazzling

fantastic and hopskippity

life is a whirl of a wind and a





                                                of content

and roses sing their beauty and

the moon pats you on the back as you walk past

but one day there is a big red fiery IF

hiding at the bottom of your favorite coffee mug

you take it to work with you

tie it to a tree where it patiently waits

lingering in the back of your worry

leaping when you finally reappear,

you are mine-


it sleeps at the foot of your bed

wakes you with the promise of another day together

sits loyally at your feet while you pretend to eat breakfast

perches on your shoulder while you

chain-smoke cigarettes

gaining your trust and need and love

until one day it slathers your world in gasoline

watches as it chars and splinters and

crumbles into blackened crusts

its work here is done)




Beautifully written, and so true!


LOve it. Great job! 


Gorgeously done. I love the ways you experimented with lines- and the metaphor, the IF as a dog, is so spectacular. My god my god!




Wow!I love it!


The format of this poem is the bomb ! Those small details in where you put the punctuation and how you placed the words made such a huge difference!



Nicely written! love the format.


this...is so... COOL wow great job, friend!


oh my every weight you put upon a word.. amazing


wow this is powerful


That was beautiful :)


I am just in awe of how amazing this is. Truly chiling.


Thank you everyone for your amazing comments! I can't tell you what a big smile you all put on my face :)


This is one of the most clever poems I've ever read. Beautifully formatted and very eye-opening


Brings chills down my spine how great this was!!!


Im at a loss for words


This is awesome! I love everything about it


My mind just exploded a little when I realized the first and last line go together.

"There is no such thing as / perfection."





this is phenominal- I love it :o It's my favorite poem I've read so far on this site!


This was clever. Your style reminds me of a hybrid between e.e. cummings and Billy Collins. Two of my all-time favorite poets. Great work. 

Writes Letters To Insanity

This was just breathtaking! I literally could not breathe until the last line of this poem. It held my attention and I couldn't look away.

Melissa Courtnee

One word: Amazing


Oh my goodness.  This poem has majestic flow and an aura of transcendence through personal experience.  It speaks to me in a way that the sky does.  Sending rather subliminal meanings past the signaled initial moral.  I can feel the presence of the author in each word being painted into existence.  The weight of this poems is so tremendous I was left breathing heavily after indulging it.  There is so much inside you my friend . And to think, this is probably only a tip of the ice berg for what you really believe.  This was lovely and inspirational.  Theoretically I would love to consult with you and experience some more rather extemporaneous pieces you may have.


This is amazing.  I was looking through old scholarship-winning poems and I think this is the best I've read so far.  I'm still not quite sure what the IF is--if what?  If you could be perfect?  But I imagine that's part of the point and it'll definitely keep me thinking about this poem for a while and I want to figure it out and hopefully will be able to decide for myself with enough thought.  I love it.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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