There is Evil in the World

It’s something nobody can really expect

She could be going to the grocery

Before climbing into her car, should have checked

Who could blame her for not thinking to see


Now surrounded by darkness, wrapped in a bag

No chance of surviving, but if yes, is

It worth it? Stuck in a bag, time seems to lag

Destination, and no, not worth it—this.


One of many girls taken, who knew beauty

Would be their downfall? Sick men pulling out

Their wallets, sick smiles and pant zippers, ready.

How could this happen? It’s no use to shout.


Their torture, only lasts four years, until they

Are all “used-up”. But no worry! Their wombs

Have uses, let them have babies, “No!” they say

The girls would rather put their babies in tombs.


For when they are born, into this cruel, cruel world,

More demons with wallets, “I need a kidney,

A liver, a HEART.” Before even two years old,

The small creature’s organs, harvested you see.


It’s happening all over this damned planet

These “houses” have names, and locations, too

Names, locations, the government does neglect

“It’s so controversial,” but oh, they knew.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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