There Came A Time

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 14:40 -- EmonyR


United States
40° 43' 21.5292" N, 73° 44' 20.256" W

There came a time
When I considered throwing away all religion and relationship
As things started to shift
So I subconsciously gave my spirit the weight to sank its own ship

Trying to stay disconnected
From the things that I felt forced in
It was the words of my impurities that I was dressed in
But what I really needed was time with God to invest in

The lack thereof allowed me to be suppressed
So hard that I was depressed
And the lies of the mind became my new oppression
Being formed out of spiritual recession

Thinking that I'm holding on for dear life
Conforming into the lifestyle of fright
But in reality I started blocking His light
Making it hard for me to sleep at night
Jesus please bring day light

Then I can live in denial of the truths of my actions
Living for the unknown satisfactions
Allowing the commons to become a distraction
Ouch, My spirit man has another contraction

Watching shows that embellish private practices and scandals of deceptions
It was the things of the Earth that I began to nest in
Forgetting the many times the God above found the best in
Allowing me to be free, so immediately...

My spirit is ignited just enough to escape this recession,
Only to find itself in a state of stagnation
Leading to destruction
So in turn I live a life of exaggeration

I'm done with this
And I'm standing to make a declaration
That I must hold on to His holy proclamations
Because I was born to lead nations

Now I walk into a time
Where I have peace in my mind
Not living to make a dime
But choosing His will, so that I never feel blind

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