There Are Things

There are things that I've grown myself with, things that I consume eagerly.

Books I've read by the hundreds, journals I've written my life in, and songs I've sang out my heart with.

But yet, if I was trapped on an island it would be my dearest friend that I would need.



My brave friend could tell me the grandest stories of their adventures traveling the South American continent

with nothing but their bags and their cousin in tow.


We can sign together off key, voices loud and uncaring of how horrible we sound.

There is beauty in chords that sound like angels, but there is beauty in sharing an off-key note.


We are each other's soul keeper, and I tell them my own dreams, fears, and who I am.

On the island, they are the one I would trust with my thoughts as the shift and change.



All I need is the company of a soul that is there for me, one that can experience my joy and love.

All I need is my friend; my adventure seeker, my off-key singer, and the keeper of my soul.

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