Is there another way?

There is so much you can do in life, but you barley have anytime

You spend your first 5 years learning how to be what society wants you too be

And then the next 12 years in public edcuation

And then the next 4 years in college

And then the rest of your life paying off the debt you earned for being in college

It makes you wonder could i have done something else

Could i have found another way to spend my life without going to school

could i have choosen to travel the world instead 

Nah i couldn't have 

because during those first 5 years of my life i was taught to be how society wants me too be 

I was taught to go to school

go to college 

pay off debt

But what if i dont want to do that 

What if i want to travel the world

What if i dont want to go to college and pay off debt

To late now 

I have to go to college and pay off debt

Its all i know 

Its all i've been taught to do

They act like i got the time to be how they want me to be

Well i dont

I wanna be how i want to be

I'm making time to be how i want to be

I just have to find another way

And break away from this mindset

No more go go to school

No more to go to college 

No more pay off debt

From now its 

Teach myself

do want i want to do




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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