In what I've learned as a human,

Although it's nothing at all,

We all need a therapist who will let us drain it all.

I want to be a therapist,

only that who works with arts.

Letting ones drain out their influences with the touch of  a brush,

a small etch of a pencil,

and words which help the most.

I hope someday I can say...

I was there and now I let go.

My student and friend,

my life's work in one person.

Just so I know I let you take my hand.

You were broken and yet so beautiful,

I fixed what I could and watched as you did the rest. 

My heart and soul and your mind and love.

I fixed it..

I watched it grow.

I am your therapist and these words I write are mine.

I want you to know...

You can create your own world.

With the touch of a brush and words which help the most.

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