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What do you do when you see a picture?

When you want to jump in

When you just want to leave

When it’s distant and lovely, far from your path

When it’s simple and easy, different from your life

When its appearance is appealing to you


What do you do when you read a story?

When they go through small trials

When it’s happy and perfect

When you can see the end before it’s there

When there is the security of a book cover,

Holding your life together in one piece


What do you do when you hear a song?

When the melody is moving

When the tension is released

When the feelings are real

When the direction is intentional


What do you do when life isn’t like that?

When there is no happy and easy

Nowhere to go


What do you do when your life is real?

When your trials are overwhelming

No end in sight


What do you when the melody twists?

When the feeling is superficial

When the timing is wrong

When it’s different than

The happy sappy la di da

You want so badly


When it’s so far from the perfection

The one you’ve always wanted

So complete, so good

So different than what you’ve experienced

But still possible


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