Then and now (Alive and Well)

There was once a time
When I looked up at the pretty colors in the sky
There were no worries
No big fear of being POC
I was blind to the world
No difference between boy and girl
When monsters were in my head
And not the ones abusing my friends

Something happened between
12 years old and seventeen
There was color in the skies
And no fear in her eyes
When she walked home at night

There was music in the air
and no hatred everywhere
The only worry we had
Was when our mom put us to bed

Something happened between
12 years old and eighteen
Cut my hair, change my name
Tell them I'll be back someday
And I know you'll cry and so will I
But we have to be strong
Cause there are so many children in this world
Who have it worse then us

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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