Then and Now


Then is a word that I think of often

Then was so long ago

Then is full of fond days and memories

And times I won't let go

Then I had youthful skin

I could run the hundred yard dash

Then I was inexperienced

Not knowing time goes by fast

Then my hands didn't hurt

Then there wasn't an ache in my back

Then I was young and bright

And you were the only thing I lacked

When I finally found you

My eyes had been opened wide

And you and I ran into the unknown

In all of my thens, you're my light

We've been through it all, you and I

Bad thens and good ones all the same

You can't find many pairs like us

Because we planned to stay in this game

You stuck by me, and I, you

Grabbed my hand and held it tight

I promise you, I treasure our thens

And I will for the rest of my life



Now is something we're told to live in

Which is much harder than it sounds

It's got ups, downs, and corkscrew turns

And is always future-bound

Now my fingers hurt

And my back just gives me grief

But your smile, which hasn't aged a day,

Always gives me relief

Now I can't run very fast

But I'll gladly walk by your side

Now I've seen most everything

But you're by far the best sight

I'm going to hold you tight

Because I'm staying in this game

I've found you and I won't let go

You wouldn't let me back out anyway

I'm no longer naive and innocent

I've seen both evil and good

But you help me get through each day

And I help you like I should

It's hard to comprehend that

Time went by this fast

But I do believe it was time well spent

And I pray that it will last


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My family
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