For Them

Tears fall, hidden perfectly by the smiles of the day

No one sees the anguish

No one hears the sobbing

All they see is my mask of a smile


Does anyone wonder about the story behind my mask?

The reason why I smile and laugh?

Can they imagine the grief I feel

When I look into their eyes?


My life is perfect, some would say.

My family is intact

My education comes without effort

My friends swarm around me


I am pretty

I am smart

I am musical

I am talented


Little do they know

Rarely would they think to imagine

The cracked surfaces on my face

The crooked reflection in the mirror


I suffer through the pain

Because I know if I don’t

Others will have to

I don’t want to share what I feel


Love holds me back

Love for others and maybe not enough for myself

I must be strong

I can’t falter because they need me


Disappointment holds me back

I don’t want to find that I am less than I think I am

I don’t want anyone to see my weaknesses,

Though they glare just behind my mask


I am imperfect, but I keep that a secret

Everyone sees the happy, indestructible, obedient me

They do not hear the screams behind my bedroom door

They do not feel the tears running down my face.


I must be strong for them.

I must be happy for them.

I must be gentle and kind for them.

I must try my best for them.

I must make my mask my life for them.



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