T(he).H(ate) .U.G(ive). Life

As a born again christian man

who is chasing after Jesus's greatness

here to convey that T.H.U.G life is real

many will perceive me as hypocrite.

Once again, you're wrong

T.H.U.G life is not about boasting the life of a gang banging

it's not about celebrating the life of a gangsta

it's about wearing God's armor of protection against the Hate

the helmet of salvation

breastplate of righteousness

belt of truth

footwear of peace

sheild of Faith

& the sword of the Spirit

I'm a proud taino black Puerto Rican man of God

The Hate U Give me is because I'm outspoken
Do me a favor
If U have nothing nice to say to me while I'm alive
Don't say anything nice about me in a casket at a funeral
it's about The Hate U Give

to someone that looks different from you where it's okay to assume the worse

and not the greatest in a person

T.H.U.G life is fighting the same villain y'all fighting and yet see me as a villain

The Hate U Give

is when you killed an unarmed man or woman like a sandra bland or anthony baez

and walk away unpunish

The Hate U Give 

is when you're unaffected by injustices and don't care because it doesn't apply to you

The Hate U Give

is how the Lord loves me for His creation

yet brothers and sisters of Christ slander and ignore one another

have the audacity to show your face in church praising God


no wonder Jesus flipped tables and called out phony worshippers as hypocrites

i won't split your wig with guns, but words from the Bible

He'll will expose you for who you really are

The Hate U Give

is be friends until trials occurred

then i'll know who my friends truly are

keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

T.H.U.G. life is a soldier fighting to stay alive because he doesn't want to die

T.H.U.G life is a stuggler not tempting to rob someone who is flashing jewelry

knowing he needs to buy milk to feed his baby because he's starving

The Hate U Give

you will receive in return

The Hate U Give

is taught by blind eyes, deaf ears, hearts harden, and minds close

The Hate U Give

satisfies the thirst of satan

T.H.U.G. life is not about sticking my middle fingers up nor pants sagging like a lowlife

it's about ending T.H.U.G life

when will you get it?

when another unarmed man or woman is gunned down with no retribution?

same stories, different names, same outcomes

when will you get it?

do you know what it means to love? many don't know

but it's easy to Hate somebody that's for sure why?

because we all come from different walks of life?

love is patient, love is kind, love doesn't envy

when will we get it?

how many more lives must be gone way before their time until we finally say enough is enough

25 and younger committing violent crimes killing one another with no remorse?

U know when?

When Jesus is coming.

do you know when?

He'll come when you least expected

and when He comes, He'll show all of you when He wipes away all evil

ending T.H.U.G life

T.H.U.G life is not about knuckleheads in the street corner

T.H.U.G is The Hate U Give.

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My community
My country
Our world
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Your poems always amaze me. I too am a strong Christian who lives for God, and God alone. My husband is too a born again Christian. Thank you for speaking out.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Thank u for the luv and support 

the Lord bless me to speak up and out about issues that needs to be brought


Its about seeking His truth and be bold

pray for all my good sister. God bless you and your family 

check out my other poems

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

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Ooh wowww. Thank you so much for this piece.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

You welcone

 God bless me to speak out 

come join my group mvp-most valuable poets

Annette M Velasquez

YES! Being outspoken for the Lord is not only right, but necessary. By shedding light on all of these issues you are showing that it isn't right and that action needs to be taken... But God gives us the discernment to know when and how. We can each change our little corner of the world for the better... You gave specifics here, and were very descriptive.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

This poem is raw, uncut and real

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I'll continue to comment and support your work

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