My seed became my fruit now my branch has been cut away the first truma is always the cutting away.

A stranger was allowed into our garden, into our world bringing the mist of heart ache and pain tears.

To till the ground a servant not baptized of Spirit and Living Water, but Dust the pale horse of death

and bringer of commandments, and sin for it is written that IN the Virgin Maiden is the Law and true to 


My seed became my fruit who became a knowledgable tree ahhh the fruit of the fruit tree whose seed/son(s) is

and was in itself in the garden and on the earth the host and vicer because I gave him the rod, staff and throne

that he the fruit of the womb seed of the female whome she baptized and crowned him king with the breaking of

living water.  His In-Her-It-Ance?  Every tree, an abundance of fruit, the gift to replenish, subdue and have.

Oh but the stranger that beast of the field, changed himself to an angel that was Eve-L, a helpmeet to help him to eat of my fruit to 

polute/suduce the fruit, and kill the Fruit Tree, that he might be she whats new under the sun it already been done.

Great Mother you blessed/made sinless my seed what is this Eve-L deed?  




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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