Theater Twenty-Three

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 17:14 -- Apelham

And here lies theater Twenty-Three.

The lights are now dark, the floor is stained.

Yet the brain is alive, just unseen.

It's the Hand, it controls the domain.


But it's gutted, and its thoughts removed.

The thousandth memory is shredded.

One-thousandth-and-one is placed in soon.

Now, another story is mended.


Its thoughts and emotions are diverse.

First it's joyful and then it may sob.

Oh stories, the journeys it'll traverse.

And they're plundered by an intrigued mob.


And here lies theater Twenty-Three.

A new night, a new journey explored.

This one spills tears that could fill a sea.

Yet, even sad, this story's adored.


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