That's What Humans Do (12/15/13)

People will stab you in the front

And tell you to watch your back

People will stab you in the back

And tell you “don’t front”

Then, they’ll ask why are you bleeding

They’ll take and take from you, and ask what are you needing?

Behind closed doors, they’re plotting your demise

And when things go wrong

They wanna act surprised

People will walk all over you

And say you’re tripping

Pushing you over the edge

Coming as a last minute rescue

Just to say they helped you

People will throw you in hot water

Forgetting that you can’t swim

When they can’t take the heat

They’ll be sweating you

With all the faces they have

Why are you wearing a mask?

People will befriend your enemies

Block you from viewing their friends on Facebook

And ask you to keep it real

Meanwhile disregarding how you feel

Smiling to your face

Muttering behind your back

You decide to put them in their place

And they forget how to act

Years spent building a bond

Til tomorrow when they forget you

But hey, that’s what humans do



The very accurate description of people who waste precious time! Thank you for that.

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