That's The Thing

“What is it like

to be in love?”


“Well, when you’re in love,

you think about that person

all the time; they are your

first thought in the morning, and your

last thought at night.

When you’re in love, you can’t wait to see them

in the morning,

even though you’ve been talking to each other

since you woke up.

Being in love is amazing. It’s a world wind of emotions and craziness.

Being in love means that you want to know



thing about them: all their quirks,

their strengths,

their weaknesses,


When you’re in love, you imagine your life together in the future.

You realize that you’ll have to give up your

favorite dessert at Thanksgiving because they’re

allergic to it, but you don’t mind

because you love them.

When you’re in love, you know their mood just by

looking at their face. You can tell by their

furrowed brow that they are frustrated with something. You can tell by their

goofy looking grin that they have some great meme to show you.

When you’re in love, you can be in a

crowded room,

people yelling at the top of their lungs, and still

pick out their voice the first time you try, because

their voice is the best music that you have ever heard.

And their laugh, their laugh is your

favorite melody to dance to.

Being in love is knowing that sometimes you

can’t fix everything that is upsetting them, so you have to just

be there for them. You have to

hold them,

rub their back, and

be there for them.

When you’re in love, you do

stupid things that you would have never done before.

You find reasons to talk to them, no matter the topic;

you find ways to see them, like taking a different route to class.

When you’re in love, you question everyday how this

amazing person chose


out of everyone in the world. You wonder, because how could someone that is

this beautiful, precious, gentle soul love


You question everything, and will constantly ask for reassurance.

When you’re in love, you see things with

new eyes. You become a child again.

Everything is


and wonderful

and innocent.

Being in love means that you will


forget the face, the voice, the personality of the person that you once talked to

all day and night,

and that you told

everything to.

When you’re in love, you

never stop being in love.

When you’re in love, sometimes your

heart gets broken and you wish you could stop being in love

but you can’t.

When you’re in love, you understand that things

don’t always work out how you want them to and

you have to accept that.

That's the thing,

when you’re in love, you learn to

let go,

even if it kills you.”


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