That's Not Me

My vision blindfolded.
I thought this thing I had was special.
He was searching for girls like Romeo
He told me “If you love me you would–”

He told me “because I love you, you should –“
My ears sincerely feared his negativity.

But because I thought I was in love

I did what he asked

ditched class,

snuck out of the house, 

and I changed who I was

for this false feeling of love.

He told me I was ugly,

When I tried to fight back.
My voice was heard by everyone except him,

Like he was deaf to my cries,

Because if he loved me he would have

stopped when I objected.


Eventually this love was unpalatable,

I was sick from the taste of manipulation.
He told me he’s the best I’ll ever have

when I finally broke the chains on my heart.
I ended everything pretending it never existed.

He told me he would hurt my family and I,

when I spent a week without speaking to him.
But his cowardly tricks didn’t trap me anymore,
I had a voice
Making a new choice about boys. 


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