That's Just Love

Four letters,

one syllable;

the biggest word you will ever say. 

Love is huge. 

Not the actual word,

but the meaning. 

Love is forever....

and ever. 

It means never let go

It’s almost scary 

and frightening


It could be after one day

one year

one month

one second:

Love at first sight? 


Heartbroken by Love 

Life saved by Love

“Once upon a time”s 

always end in a Love story 

Unfortunately, that’s not real life

Love is a tricky feeling 

But if you find two people how Love each other

there is nothing stopping them.

They are invincible.

Nothing is stopping them from

Loving each other, 

hurting each other, 


getting married... 

They will have mixed feelings-

that’s for sure-

but that’s Love. 


I am in Love.

I have two feelings:

overwhelming happiness, 

or aggravating pain. 

But that’s just Love. 


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