That's Just How The Way It Is....

How can I bring a child into a world full of hatred,

As mothers cry before the graves of their young ones ,

As shootas with no remorse release the hurt from their past to other bodies creating body bags.

Women selling their souls for love ,

and Men beating them for respect.

How can I bring a child into this world full of hatred , 

Where education ain't worth nothing but a suger packet and some dollars into a dealers pocket,

Where self defense involves weapons instead of the P.O.W

Power Of Words,

Of which we are inprison of. 

How Can We as human beings living in such a bad society bring a child 

our daughter our son our children into a world full of loss.

We lost our way into the streets,

to not only end up in  jail or a grave pit.

Black lives dropping like flies Daughters saying their goodbyes 

Sons selling crack and Fathers never coming back .

Black people can't dream for happy meadows and a picket fence ,

cause things like jail , death , sex , and weed ,

Has brainedwashed our brains to turn us into "Gangsters" .

Gangsters with no education , no job , no money , and broke ass thieves. 

Like Another typical black person's stereotype.

Or is That just how the way it is in this world we called hatred.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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