That's How Awesome Life Is!

Vacations take me to awesome places

Take me away from reality into fantasy

Makes me feel awesome and amazing

See things that are magnificent and wonderful

That’s how awesome life is


Family bitterly argue and fight but

Next minute are loving, getting along

That’s true love, fairy tale ending

Nothing more awesome than family

That’s how awesome life is


BFFs, Best Friends Forever

There till the end, happily ever after

Deepest secrets told and every feeling poured

Only to my BFF no one else

That’s how awesome life is


School is a place of learning

With teachers to teach

Students to learn, to reach the end

To graduate and move on to college

That’s how awesome life is


College helps make dreams come true

Degrees that help get life long careers

Students willing to pursue their dreams

To make through life with no struggle

That’s how awesome life is


Music helps one through life

Creates ones imagination or vivid dreams

Takes them places no other can picture

Own special world, a quick getaway

That’s how awesome life is


Continents, countries, or states

So many places to see with so many choices to pick

Could live in California or even in china

Maybe even in the Himalayas

That’s how awesome life is


Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Jeeps and so much more

So many choices in life need to be made

Which to choose, hard decision

One choice sets the future but the choice is mine

That’s how awesome life is  


That’s How Awesome Life Is!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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