Thankful For Your Time

Dear mentor,

I will forever be thankful to thee

For the wisdom you have imparted to me.

Many things are not equal in life

But everyone gets the same 24 hours a day.

None of which we will ever get back

Life does not save all our moments like a Kodak.

You have transformed the way I see my ambitions

See, it is tough to dream and stay focused on one thing.

This gift of guidance has helped me grow

Though I’m not sure that you fully know.

How can you expect nothing in return?

I do not know what I would give.

For it is near impossible to find

A gift that matches dedication of this kind.

This letter is my last attempt

To tell you all that you have meant.

So thank you again for helping me overcome my fears

This advice will aid me the remainder of my years.


Yours Truly (Madeline)

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