Thu, 11/08/2018 - 22:24 -- AllyQ

“Be thankful,” you say “That I’m still friends with you”

As if my very presence could unravel everything you’ve worked so hard to build

As if the very atoms my body was built of are in danger of breaking apart

Of taking back all the space they occupied when they were stars

As if I’m a time bomb

And you are counting down the seconds


“Be grateful,” you say “I’m trying to save you”

But your ideals do not erase my existence

Your piety was spun of lies from men who did not understand the world they tried to define

The words you tell me to live by were tainted by mortals who thought their word was God

Don’t tell me what I am is against your religion

When it was your God who made me this way

And when he strung together the pieces of my soul

I bet he hoped people like you wouldn’t teach me to hate the very parts of me he hand chose

So no

I will not be thankful for your mortal attempt to make me holy

I will no longer mistake gift with sin


You should be thankful

That I have been silent for so long

Because that is a luxury you will never have the comfort of again

I’m tired of hiding my love to heed your misguided beliefs

I long for the day when I bring home my girlfriend to my family

and even my grandparents love her

Someday I will bundle up my love

All tied up with a bow

And gift it to a wonderful girl

She will not think sin


And You

Someday you will not think me Lucifer

For I have never been the one to mistake my words for blessings

Someday You will not think me a serpent

For I have never tempted you to betray God

Someday you will see me truly

A descended from stars, not perfect but trying


And that is when

I will be thankful


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