Thank You Heart


It's taken my entire life

A roll down a hill and a swim  through a lake 

Wide swings around wooded paths behind the trees and looking off towards the tracks

Some cold nights and some long days and plenty of nights sleeping with a snake

Looking for advice from my friends and some foes to become a young woman that everyone knows.

I wanted to be free and be me and trust, showing them pictures of  girls with their smiles.

They gave me advice on diets and sex and even my clothes.

While I've gone many ways and done many things, I learned something precious through all these miles.

I had everything I needed to be happy inside me the whole time.

My brains were intact and my soul was alive.

Those girls on the magazines and TV shows were no more than a mime.

I was the true beauty and soul of the drive.

The reason people travel and run and take risks, go on huge trips and make mistakes,

Is to learn the one thing I knew all along. 

You're born with it all, you're created and naturally have everything it takes.

Real life is the reason for design and movies and stories and song.



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