Thank You God


Thank you God for waking me up and allowing me to see another day.

Thank you for letting me be a human being, I make mistakes.

I've sinned, I'm sinning, I will sin, and sin for more.

But my blessings keep coming and I'm and I'm alwys asking for more.

Listen, I know I'm ungrateful because I ask for everything...

I choose to disobey you like Jack did his mom with the bean.

Dear Lord, you have to understand living in this world is not easy.

Its alwasy easy to be satisfied for a day than to be happy for seasons.

Yes I know it takes time, but time is what I'm afraid of.

Maybe a month, maybe a year. This healing is the reason.

I know to be healed, you have to completely wreck my heart, 

And build it from the ground up, 

Like Noah built his Ark.

Ugghhhh! Its a decision I have to make

And It'll be a toughy.

But Jesus asI make my decision I want to Thank you for staying beside me.


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