Thank You Chugga

Dear Emile,


It was seven years ago,

When you were wrapping up a show,

A show of Japanese myths and legends,

Both of heros and felons,

Surely you know,


It was called Okami,

A game of a wolf kami,

Along with her was a flea named Issun,

To the game he was a perfect addition,

Just like putting rye on pastrami


At the end I discovered you,

Saw the battle and said “woo,”

I watched your series on luigi,

Watching that made me feel giddy,

I couldn’t be happier to see what you’d do.


Today I have seen all of your vids,

Even watched with other kids,

I’ve watched with the flu,

Or while I’ve felt blue,

I’ve lost count of the years,




Eric Balskus

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