Thank You


There he is crying all alone right there
But I know you don't even care
You won't even go to help him 
You lied, you never helped so now his light is dim
You act like you know it all
But you don't even notice me when I walk down the hall
You act like you know who I am
But I know that's a sham
Cause You won't even answer when I call

You judge us, all of you do
Thinking you know the real truth
Thinking that you know my story
Please, you still think my name is Cory!
Why don't you help me? What did I do?

You ask us all the time
Any comments?
When I ask you for help you won't even turn!
Notice me please and I'll at least be content!

You saw him I know you did
You're going to let me get beaten down by some kid
I come in to your class with a black eye
But you still think I'm the bad guy
Look at me! Why don't you care?! Look what he did to my eye lid!

You said you were my friend
What kind of friend stands by and sees a kid get beaten till the end
You're supposed to help me, you're an adult
I just want your help and say it's not my fault

Stop talking so nice and sweet
We all know you're lying through your teeth
You don't know me or who I am
And you know what I don't give a damn!

You were no help at all!
You don't even help me up when I fall!
Go ahead smile with those lying teeth!
And my name is Keith.
Thank you, for nothing, nothing at all.


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