Thank God for Spring


            For months it has been cold; stuck inside our lukewarm homes and off-brand fur coats

            Either taking the bus to school in the windy snow or the trains on the tracks, people with their schoolbags and totes

            Sitting inside with friends sipping on hot cocoa, watching the snow flutter down to the ground

            Watching classic Christmas shows and ‘toons, holiday discounts abound

            Around that time of year, it’s all about the gift of giving and hopefully having a gift given to you

            But really, it’s gotten old and repetitive to me, everybody’s the same; everybody’s hypnotized by the gift giving and thoughtless money spending and no one really has a clue

            But when spring season comes, I’m always satisfied because the dreary months have gone

            The leafs on the trees have started growing back and lavender petals are blowing to nature’s soft song

            Churches are overflowing and God’s forests are brimming

            Love is in the air and it seems my time to shine is finally beginning

            While I haven’t gotten too far yet in my search for love and my talents

            I know that one day, it will all come into place and for once, everything will be in a balance

            I sit near a tree on my laptop as I’m writing this

            Still on my mind, a craving for real love and a kiss.  

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Our world


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