Text Mistake - Anger Issues

It's mhy solar plexus it's my solar plexus

I said I'm angry too many times before this meditation

After I'm done the pit in my stomach is still angrily elated

And I still can't figure out why , why , why

That experience was so nice, nice, nice

The tears are coming to my eyes again

Im fed up with it

Ive got such a great life to live But something in me won't believe it

Such an ugrateful little girl, I hope my spirits don't regret me

Don't stop your support please, I'm worth it

Pease, don't stop I'm worth

I know I'm worth


I've been feeling this way since I was in the 8th grade

I have many problems letting go bring out hterainy parade

And I see rainbows peering, hi, I always knew you were there

So what's got me so tied in knots that I'm still angry in scred?

I swear I don't even understand it

There's nothing even going on


"You're stuck in insde your head?

Is this what you would call depression?"

I wouldn't call it that

Sorry that's the message that I'm sending

I meant to stop the process but it's still says it's in process

Wish that I could press delete, but no, it's send

already there?

my apologies 

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