Texas.don.g.nutt.59.poem.whos love.

Texas don.g.nutt.59.poem.whos love what love whys love is it love hows love whens love i love the way i am whos love is it whos love it is why could love really be whos love she got she get whos love she gives she has she wants whos love im with whos love im on whos love i get whos love i want no life front whos love we all know whos love whys love whats love got to do.with it from the touch the feel the rubb the hugg.the kiss the love makeing the caress the stroke whos love from summer winter spring autum are fall whos love who want.any are it all whos love12.2019

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Texas.don.g.nutt59.whos love what most feel what most got what most dont

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