Texas.don.g.nutt59.poem.daddy stoke

Texas.don.g.nutt59.poem.daddy stroke hit the center from the floor she knows who the one in it mourning noon evening creeping an squeaking that bed tonight the headboards beating an bangging against the wall its the cat prowl from the daddy stroke in an out as i beat it an beat it geting served im the word she yelling an screaming as my daddy stroke bring that kitty katt to exctasy an thrills she moaning an groaning daddy stroke.ooh wee baby chill slow down daddy thats my name hitting the daddy stroke beating that wild cherry cat off the climax chain she knows daddy dam name she scream texas don.g.nutt59 daddy daddy stroke it to me its the texas daddy stroke playa dick bone game aint no shame its top notch fame stars shine daddy stroke fame 12.2019

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Texas.don.g.nutt59.poem.daddy stroke from all the sons to they daddys to the birth of more they know whos daddy huh femmine females why.

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