texas,don,g,nutt59,poem,i like,i like her she like me we like each other liken the way liken the why liken the is liken the like liken myself love liken the likes of me which could are should i be this way that way my way i know they like me i like them slimmy as a jimmy to be compared to the best of a man any man known are to be called right here jimmy they say goodbye goodday goodnight is said i like the wifey to say as we melt to the inside of a kings bed like the loyal im a royal man to have graced the industry of poems they battle they talk they compare im the best of a whole lot of mess to beat the toppest at any freaklen naked raw skills of a poem ink are typed said contest congradulated mentally of the skills of me like it try it write it do it to be liked of likeness.8.4,2019

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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